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Why Real Estate Services are Sometimes Part of the Design Build Process

Many people have ideas about home design, and want to put them into action when they decide to have a house constructed. Some have the design plans for entire houses in their minds, and only need to have them made into architectural plans before a builder can get to work. Others have some ideas, and work with home design professionals to fill in the rest. However, those in both categories often face one simple problem: They don't have any land.

Before any kind of new home construction can start, there has to be a place to put the house. This seems obvious, but it's easy to get carried away with design ideas and forget logistical aspects like this. Because of this, design build companies have found that it's a good idea to offer real estate services as well.

Real estate services that are connected to construction companies are more useful to would-be new home buyers than a typical Realtor. This is because they look at properties with their buildability in mind. To those who aren't trained in this aspect, many pieces of land can look great when they actually are not. Problems like general wetness, shifting sand, seasonal flooding, narrow portions, and similar issues will stand out to someone who does real estate services for a builder. Regular agents can easily miss these things.

Builder-associated agents also know when a property is especially good for building. They will gladly point out that a piece of land is "high and dry" or that it has no narrow, unbuildable part to worry about.

All of these things make it easy to take care of the issue of finding a piece of property to put your dream home on. They also make it easier to finance your home and land as a single package. This eliminates one of the biggest barriers to starting a new home construction project. If the land is purchased separately, you might have to pay cash for it because lenders don't like to write mortgages for land alone. It would be wrapped into the loan for the house later, but to get the benefit of being able to finance everything, it needs to be a package deal.

You may also find that your home design ideas change after you have chosen a piece of land. For example, if it turns out that there's a great view, you may decide that it's a good idea to put more windows on that side of the house. This is another reason that design build pros want to make it easy for you to choose a piece of land first.

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