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Basement Remodel

Why Do a Basement Remodel?

Most houses start out with unfinished basements. This makes homes more affordable at first, but it also leaves them with large spaces that aren't very useful. A standard basement may hold a furnace, water heater, and (in rural areas) a well pump and tank, but all that the rest is good for is storing your junk. It won't be long before you see the unfinished basement as a huge waste of space.

Gain the full use of all of that area with a basement remodel. By having the walls finished and the plumbing extended, you will gain area that you can use like any other room in the house. This, however, isn't where you should have your residential remodeler stop. It's better to outfit the basement to work well for a specific use instead.

To get the most out of your basement remodel, have a plan for how the space will be used before you have your remodeler start working. Then, you can tell the basement remodeler what else you need to have added. For example, if you're setting it up as a recreation room, you'll likely want to add a bathroom.

On the other hand, if you want to make it into a new bedroom, you'll just need some walls to separate it from the utility section (where the furnace is) and some new wiring. If the user of a bedroom is a full resident of the house, he or she can use the main bathrooms and kitchen and spares won't be needed. On the other hand, if you're going to rent this room out, you'll want to make it into a mini apartment complete with a bathroom and a small kitchen.

As this shows, what is needed for a basement remodel depends on your overall plan for the space. Make this plan in advance, and the end result will be perfect for the desired use.

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